Research Article

A New MAP Kinase Protein Involved in Estradiol-Stimulated Reproduction of the Helminth Parasite Taenia crassiceps

Figure 1

Concentration-response and response-time curves. 17 𝛽 -estradiol augments the number of buds in Taenia crassiceps under physiologic concentrations (0.1  𝜇 M). Specific inhibition of ERK blocks the 17 𝛽 -estradiol effect on the parasite, resulting in a similar number of buds between control and ERK inhibitor-treated cysticerci; (a) 17 𝛽 -estradiol effect was progressively increasing during the five days of in vitro culture, whereas ERK inhibitor 0.5  𝜇 M did not modify parasite reproduction when compared to control cysticerci, even in presence of 17 𝛽 -estradiol 0.1  𝜇 M, and (b) Control = Parasites treated with the vehicle where hormone and inhibitors were dissolved; ∗ ∗ 𝑃 < . 0 5 .