Research Article

A New MAP Kinase Protein Involved in Estradiol-Stimulated Reproduction of the Helminth Parasite Taenia crassiceps

Figure 4

Specific detection of ERK-like in Taenia crassiceps. FACS assays showed that ERK-like detected in T. crassiceps was not a contamination product from host immune cells CD3 + , CD4 + , CD8 + , and CD19 + . As expected, ERK-like was specifically detected in paramyosin positive cells, a cytoskeleton protein only present in cestodes and some insects (a). By using the Mean of Fluorescence Intensity (MFI), no differences in total ERK-like and pERK were observed between control and 17 𝛽 -estradiol cysticerci (b). Control = Parasites treated with the vehicle where hormone and inhibitors were dissolved. Red = unstained cells; green=control parasites; blue = E 2 -treated parasites; brown = ERK inhibitor-treated parasites; SSC = Side Scatter; FSC = Forward Scatter; pERK = ERK phosphorylated form; MFI = Fluorescence average.