Figure 4: Homologous expression of secreted proteins in L. infantum episomally transfected promastigotes. L. infantum promastigotes were transfected with genes LinJ19.0410 and LinJ36.5780 corresponding to secreted proteins Tc00.1047053505789.10 and Tc00.1047053506155.99, respectively. Cell whole lysate (Lys) and concentrated cell-free culture supernatant (CCFS) and electrophoresis procedure were as in Figure 3. Tagged proteins were detected only in recombinant parasites transfected with LinJ19.0410 (58 kDa) (Line 1 and 2) and LinJ36.5780 (28 kDa) (Line 3 and 4). Nontransfected L. infantum promastigotes (Wild Type) were used as negative controls (Line 5 and 6). Protein molecular mass standards in kDa are shown on the left.