Table 1: Type of immune infiltration in Lymphomas and prognosis.

Type of lymphomaMicroenvironmentPrognosis

HL activated CTLs (Granzyme B+)Unfavourable
TIA-1+ cells
FOXP3+ cells

FLType 1 immune response patternLonger survival
T lymphocytes and regulatory T cells (FOXP3+)Favourable outcome
Type 2 immune response patternShorter survival
tumor-associated-macrophages (TAM, CD68+) and NK cells (CD57+)Poor prognosis

DLBCL activated CD4+ T cells, dendritic cells and macrophagesBetter prognosis
Infiltrate greater than 20% of CD4+ cells, including CD45RO+
Higher expression of Th1 than Th2
IL-6 (Th2 response) during the first weeks after the therapyPredict complete remission
TILs-CD8+, activated CTLsPoor prognosis

T and NK cell monocytesPoor prognosis

ALCL Granzyme B+Unfavorable
Granzyme B+ and lack of expression of ALKPoor prognosis