Table 2: Phase 3 trials of idiotype vaccines.

Author/Sponsor IdiotypeComparisonPretreatmentPatient status prevaccinationEnd PointResults

Levy et al. [118] GenitopeRecombinant2/1 randomization in first line8 cycles of CVPFirst CR or PRPFS 𝑃 = n . s
Freedman et al. [119] FavrilleRecombinant2/1 randomization in first line4 doses of RituximabFirst CR, PR or SDTTP 𝑃 = n . s
Schuster et al. [120] BiovestFrom hybridoma2/1 randomization in first line6 cycles of PACE or CHOP-RFirsr CR or CRuDFS 𝑃 = . 0 4 5