Research Article

Size of Insertions in Promoter Region Modulates Gmhsp17.6-L mRNA Transcript Levels

Figure 5

Gmhsp176-L promoter region alignment from the resistant parental, PI595099, susceptible parental, BRS133, and fragments from susceptible offsprings 256-S, 259-S (heterozygous individual) and 266-S and from resistant offsprings JF7002, JF7027 and JF7056. SOYHSP176_11317-Gmhsp176-L gene sequence, available at the Genbank. PCR amplification was conducted with primers, which delimitated promoter region. In light gray, AT(n) insertion, in dark gray some heat shock elements, with consensus core sequences 5 AGAAnnTTCT 3 , 5 cTTCtaGAAgcTTCtaGAAg 3 , and 5 CTnGAAnnTTCnAG 3 and underlined probable TATA box.