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Taenia crassiceps Infection Attenuates Multiple Low-Dose Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes

Figure 6

Flow cytometry analysis for the detection of regulatory T cells and alternatively activated macrophages. (a) Mesenteric lymph nodes from BALB/c mice were processed and cells were staining for Treg cell detection with anti-CD4, CD25, and Foxp3 (Tregs kit, Biolegend). (b) Peritoneal exudates cells stained with conjugated anti-F480, CD23, MR, PDL1, and MHCII and analyzed by flow cytometry. (c) RT-PCR analysis of PDL-1, RELM- 𝛼 , and GAPDH in macrophages from uninfected and T.crassiceps-infected BALB/c mice.