Table 1: Absorption of ET-1 by pRBC (D10 strain) or haemozoin: comparison between fluorimetric detection and ELISA assay.

ET-1 recovery
Fluorescence spectroscopyELISA
SamplesFluorescence Intensity (AUC)% controlpmol/mL% control

Contro l a 413059.04
Normal RBC4050398.18.6996.1
pRBC (D10 1.6%)3222478.05.9365.5
pRBC (D10 3.2%)3078474.55.0355.6

Data of a representative experiment out of three experiments performed in the same conditions. ET-1 (10 pmol/mL) was incubated for 18 hours in PBS or in the presence of normal RBC or pRBC (D10 strain at 1.6% and 3.2% parasitaemia). aControl samples for fluorescence spectroscopy were prepared by diluting ET-1 in the supernatant recovered by centrifugation of a suspension of normal RBC incubated in PBS for the same length of time. Control samples for ELISA test were prepared by diluting ET-1 in PBS. At the end of the incubation, RBCs were centrifuged and supernatants used for ET-1 determination by both methods.
Data are expressed as arbitrary fluorescent units (AUC Area Under the Curve) or as pmol/mL.