Table 1: Subcellular localization and functions of nonhistone substrates of HDAC3.

SubstratesLocalization of substratesFunctionsComments

MEF2NucleusRepression of MyoD promoterHDAC3 is the only Class I
HDAC that regulates MEF2 activity

SRYNucleusNuclear exportDeacetylation leads to cytoplasmic delocalization
Cytoplasmic translocation promotes apoptosis

PCAFNucleusCytoplasmic retentionFunctional interplay between PCAF and HDAC3
STAT1CytoplasmPrevention of STAT1 phosphorylation
STAT3CytoplasmPrevention of dimerization

NF- BCytoplasm or nucleusCytoplasmic retention or activation of p65 in the nucleusFunctions are dependent on the acetylation lysines