Table 2: Preparation and composition of ECD calibration standards, blank, and quality control samples.

SampleWECD (1) (mg/vial)WKit (2) (mg/vial)WS (3) (mg/vial)%WS (4) (%, w/w)

Kit blank (BkKit)0.0025.610.000.00
ECD Calibration standards
  StdECD no. 10.7826.270.1230.47
  StdECD no. 20.8926.000.1400.54
  StdECD no. 30.9726.100.1520.58
  StdECD no. 41.0726.040.1680.65
ECD QC samples (QCECD)

(1)Nominal weight of ECD in ECD Kit.
(2)Total weight of ECD Kit.
(3)Nominal weight of sulfur in ECD Kit.
(4)Percentage of sulfur (%, w/w) in ECD Kit.