Research Article

Equal Force Recovery in Dysferlin-Deficient and Wild-Type Muscles Following Saponin Exposure

Figure 1

Disrupted expression of dysferlin in skeletal muscle of C57BL/6J- /NaJ mice. (a) PCR genotyping of WT (w), C57BL/6J- /NaJ (n), and heterozygous (h) mice. (b) Western blotting analysis of the quadriceps muscles from WT and C57BL/6J- /NaJ (B6.Chr6A/J) mice using the monoclonal anti-dysferlin antibody (Dysf). The bottom panel is the same blot stained with Ponceau-S (P.S). (c) Immunofluorescence labeling of muscle sections from WT and dysferlin-deficient mice with anti-dysferlin antibody.