Figure 3: Mouse distal chromosome 2 contains a minimalistic imprinted locus. (a) A diagrammatic representation of mouse distal chromosome 2 imprinted region with maternal inheritance indicated in red and paternal inheritance indicated in blue. Genes are represented by the boxes with the parent-of-origin expression indicated by either a red (maternal) or blue (paternal) arrow. DNA methylation is represented by the black lollypops. Green box indicates position of proposed IC whilst green doubleheaded arrow indicates the known region influenced by this IC. (b) BAC clones and subclone used to examine expression, imprinting, and function. Blue boxes indicate the position of lacZ reporter. (c) Images of transgenic embryos inheriting the modified BACs through either the maternal or paternal germline as indicated by gender symbols below image. Expression of Neuronatin from the transgenic insertion is revealed by lacZ reporter expression.