Research Article

Consumption of Hydrogen Water Reduces Paraquat-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rats

Table 1

Effects of saturated hydrogen saline on LDH, total cells, and protein concentration in BALF. Rats exposed to paraquat exhibited significant increase in the LDH level in BAL fluid compared to rats in the control group, whereas a significant rather less of increase of LDH in BAL fluid was observed in PQ  +  HW group compared to those in PQ group. Total cells and protein concentration in the BAL fluid were determined as an indicator of lung hyperpermeability induced by paraquat. Our results showed that total cells and protein in BALF in PQ group were significantly increased compared to control group ( ). In contrast, rats in PQ  +  HW group demonstrated a significant lesser increase in total cells and protein (* compared to control; compared to PQ group).

GroupsLDH (U/mL)Total cells (1  ×  104/mL)Protein concentration (μg/mL)

Control7.53  ±  0.9915.65  ±  1.2928.66  ±  4.97
HW7.67  ±  0.5615.96  ±  1.9827.33  ±  5.28
PQ70.38  ±  2.14*53.05  ±  5.69*80.33  ±  3.88*
PQ  +  HW37.03  ±  3.58 30.13  ±  6.60 39.67  ±  4.19