Table 2: Twenty-three groups distinguished in this study and targeted glycosyltransferase genes.

Group nameTargeted GT genes in cps locus (probe numbera)

1wchB wchD
2wchF wchG wchH wchI
4wciJ wciK wciL
5wciJ whaC whaD
6A/6BwciN wciP
7F/7AwchF wcwA wcwF wcwG wcwH
8wciR wciR wciS wciT
9A/9VwchO wcjA wcjB WcjC
9L/9NwchO wcjA wcjB wcjC
10AwciB wcrC wcrD wciF wcrG
11A/11DwchK wcyK wcrL
wciJ wcxB wcxD wcxE wcxF
14wchK wchL wchM wchN
15B/15CwchK wchL wchM wchN
17FwchF abp1 wciP wcrV
18B/18CwchF wciU wciV wciW
19FwchO wchQ
19AwchO wchQ
20wciB whaJ wciL wcwK wciD whaF
22F/22AwchF wcwA wcwV whaB
23FwchF wchV wchW
wciB wciC wciD wciE wciF

Explanatory notes: aProbes containing 60-bp oligonucleotides were designed and named as 1, 2, 3 etc from Group 1. The name of each GT gene (wchB etc) was derived from the Sanger Institute.