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HDAC Activity Is Required for Efficient Core Promoter Function at the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Promoter

Figure 3

Inhibition of HDACs results in the loss of initiating RNA pol II from the MMTV promoter. 1470.2 cells were treated with either Dex (100 nM) or TSA (50 ng/ml) for 0, 15, 30, or 60 minutes, after which cells were processed for ChIP assay. Chromatin was immunoprecipitated with an RNA pol II antibody that recognizes the hypophosphorylated form of the CTD. Conventional PCR was performed on input and immunoprecipitated DNA using primers specific for the MMTV promoter and the coding region (CDS) of the CAT reporter. PCR results from a representative experiment are shown in (a). A graphical representation of the data from 2 to 3 independent experiments is shown in (b) for the TSA time course. Values from control samples were set to 1, and values from TSA-treated samples are expressed as a fraction. Error bars represent SEM.