Table 2: Estimates of structural content of WT and mutant tropomyosins.

α-helix (%)β-sheet (%)β-turn (%)Unordered (%)

α-GS-Tm WT

α-GS-Tm V95A

α-GS-Tm D175N

α-GS-Tm E180G

β-GS-Tm WT

Estimates of structural content for each of the five recombinant Tm’s were obtained from analyses of the individual CD spectra that were averaged for Figure 4. α-helical content was estimated from [θ]222 (Methods). Content of α-helix, β-sheet, and unordered structure was obtained using CDPro software (Methods). Values are mean ± S.D. ( spectra); note that, for CDPro estimates, S.D. is the mean of S.D. values from CDPro.