Table 1: Nomenclature of colorectal lesions according to their morphological appearance on whole mount colon (low magnification) or according to their histological characteristics identified in embedded and stained colon sections under a high-magnification microscope.

Morphological descriptionHistological description

  (i) polypoid (i) low-grade dysplasia
  (ii) nonpolypoid  (ii) high-grade dysplasia
  (i) well, moderate, and poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas
  (ii) mucinous adenocarcinomas
  (iii) signet-ring cell adenocarcinomas
  (iv) solid or undifferentiated carcinomas

ACF (methylene blue)Intraepithelial lesions:
  (i) “dysplastic”  (i) hyperplastic
  (ii) dark  (ii) dysplastic/intraepithelial neoplasia/microadenoma/carcinoma in situ
  (iii) flat
MDF (HID-AB)   (a) BCAC (immunohistochemical staining)

ACF, aberrant crypt foci; BCAC, β-catenin accumulated crypts; MDF, mucin depleted foci; HID-AB, high-iron diamine alcian blue.