Figure 5: Proliferating tachyzoites arranged in rosettes are localized in two planes within the PV. (a) Confocal serial sections of proliferating tachyzoites arranged in rosette and stained with DAPI to show nuclear distribution. Confocal images 3 and 8 show the spatial arrangement of tachyzoites in two planes each containing 8 parasites. The interaction between both planes is showed in confocal image 7. (b) SEM-Tanaka micrograph of tachyzoite after 1 h of invasion that was used as a template to build the 3D digital model of the rosette; it was sectioned in 26 portions of 190 nm each and was used to build a digital model that was in turn used to design a 3D digital model of a rosette (C). Arrow, apical extreme of parasite, RB: residual body. μm.