Figure 3: Comparison of the frequency of alteration of 636 miRNA loci between highly sensitive and highly resistant lung cancer cell lines (LCCLs) to agent TAE684. Highly sensitive LCCLs were represented by the lowest tertile of IC50 while the highly resistant were represented by the highest tertile of IC50. miRNA genomic position information was obtained from the UCSC Genome Browser database [37], and miRNAs on chromosomes X and Y were excluded. Copy number alterations frequencies were plotted using SIGMA2 software [36]. Vertical lines denote the frequency of alteration, where 1 or −1 signifies the alteration that occurs in 100% of samples. Horizontal bars depict miRNAs, with the frequency of copy gains and losses of each miRNA displayed to the right and left of 0, respectively. miRNAs disrupted in resistant lines are displayed in red, those occurring in sensitive lines are displayed in green, and regions of overlapping frequencies are shown in black.