Table 1: List of miRNA with most frequent differential copy number alterations.

miRNASignificant drugs

hsa-mir-6626 (AZ, Erl, Gel, Gö, HKI, MK)
hsa-mir-124-25 (Erl, HKI, Ra, Sor, Sun)
hsa-mir-1285-25 (MG, PF, PH, Ra, Sun)
hsa-mir-548h-25 (Gel, HKI, MK, PD, Sor)
hsa-mir-12084 (Cy, Erl, HKI, Sun)
hsa-mir-12254 (AZ, Gö, MK, Sor)
hsa-mir-12284 (Gel, MK, PF, TAE)
hsa-mir-12994 (AZD, Erl, MK, PH)
hsa-mir-1474 (Erl, HKI, MK, TAE)
hsa-mir-181a-24 (Erl, HKI, MK, TAE)
hsa-mir-181b-24 (Erl, HKI, MK, TAE)
hsa-mir-18274 (AZ, Gel, Pac, PF)
hsa-mir-19724 (AZ, Gö, MK, Sor)
hsa-mir-4924 (Gel, Im, Pac, PF)
hsa-mir-548c4 (Gel, MK, PF, TAE)
hsa-mir-548d-14 (Cy, Gö, HKI, Sun)
hsa-mir-548f-24 (Gö, MG, PF, TAE)
hsa-mir-6004 (Erl, HKI, MK, TAE)
hsa-mir-6014 (Erl, HKI, MK, TAE)
hsa-mir-9404 (AZ, Gö, MK, Sor)