Figure 10: Obscurin depletion results in greater variability in the relationship between superficial myofibrils in adjacent myocytes. (a) At 24 hpf, obscurin morphant embryos (red bars) demonstrate a greater variability in Z disk alignment than control embryos (blue bars). Note that in the majority of myocyte pairs evaluated, the superficial myofibrils demonstrate a Z disk offset of approximately 250–500 nm in control embryos. (b) By 72 hpf, the Z disk offset has been significantly reduced in control embryos but was still quite variable in obscurin morphant embryos. (c) Similarly, at 24 hpf in control embryos (blue bars), there was a consistent distance between the superficial myofibrils in adjacent myocytes. However, in obscurin morphant embryos, the distance is significantly greater and more variable. (d) By 72 hpf, the distance between superficial myofibrils has been reduced in control and obscurin morphant embryos but remains more variable in the obscurin morphants.