Figure 4: Expression of Pax3 and Magic-F1 in 13.5 dpc mouse embryos. (a) Sagittal section of 13.5 dpc mouse hybridized by Pax3 riboprobes. A weak signal of Pax3 transcripts have been detected in Magic-F1 transgenic embryos (+/−) at the level of somites in thoracic (b) and lumbosacral region; in the wild-type age-matched embryo (wt) the signal appeared slightly stronger (c). A faint signal was detected at the same stage in transgenic embryos hybridized by Magic-F1 antisense riboprobes (d); mainly, the transgenic expression was localized at the level of somites as shown at higher magnification in (e). No signal was detected in wild type embryos (wt) by Magic-F1 antisense riboprobes (f). Arrowheads show somites.