Table 3: Current procedures for inducing AAA in animals.

SpeciesAAA models

MurineCalcium Chloride [56].
Elastase infusion [57].
Angiotensin-II-infused AAA: used in hyperlipidemic (ApoE−/− or LDLR−/−) male mice or in wild-type C57BL/6 mice in conjunction with repeated administration of neutralizing TGF-β antibodies [50].
Decellularized xenografts: grafting of abdominal aortic extracellular matrix from one species to a compatible recipient of a different species [58].
Spontaneous [59].

RabbitElastase-induced AAA: similar to the murine model [60], also applicable to the carotid artery [61].
Calcium chloride [62].

PigSurgical model: dilatation of the infrarenal aorta with an angioplasty balloon followed by infusion of pancreatic porcine elastase [63].