Figure 8: Duplicated and redundant basement membranes were found in Nhe2-/- pars distalis. In WT pars distalis (a) there are two parallel basement membranes between capillary endothelial cells and FS cells, one from each cell type. Similar parallel basement membranes were observed in some Nhe2-/- electron micrographs (b), but in conspicuous spots the basement membrane appeared to be duplicated and/or redundant in Nhe2-/- mice, which was particularly evident proximate to the FS cells ((c) and (d)), as indicated by the arrowhead in (d). Dotted lines overlay basement membranes. (a)–(c) black arrows point to fenestrated capillaries, which apparently did not change in Nhe2-/- mice. L: lipid droplet. Inset: white arrow, collagen. Bars: 1 μm.