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Cytotoxic Effects of Native and Recombinant Frutalin, a Plant Galactose-Binding Lectin, on HeLa Cervical Cancer Cells

Table 1

Biomolecular properties of frutalin extracted from breadfruit seeds (A. incisa) (n-frutalin) and recombinant frutalin produced in P. pastoris (r-frutalin).

Biomolecular propertiesFrutalin sourceReferences
A. incisaP. pastoris

Primary structure568932.fig.007[14, 15]
(Several sequences sharing 94–97% identity)(Defined amino acid sequence)

Molecular weight (kDa)
 Glycosylated forms15.5 [11, 19]
 Nonglycosylated forms12
 Glycosylation content3.5

Mature structureTetramer (49 kDa)Tetramer (62–64 kDa)[11, 15]

Hemagglutination activityMinimal concentration: 3.125 μg/mLNot detected[15, 20]

Specificity: Me-α-galactose
(association constant, Ka, M−1)