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CNPase Expression in Olfactory Ensheathing Cells

Figure 4

OECs transplanted into injured peripheral nerve remyelinate regenerating axons. (a) GFP can be seen in the nuclei and cytoplasm around regenerating peripheral nerve axons. The inset indicates that the GFP elements are longitudinally oriented with neurofilament- (NF-) stained regenerated axons. (b–e) Longitudinal section of a group of regenerated axons with GFP cells (b) surrounding the axons and sodium channel Nav1.6 (c) being flanked by the Caspr immunostained paranodes (d) indicating that the transplanted OECs can remyelinate regenerated axons which form appropriate sodium channels at the newly formed nodes of Ranvier (overlay in (e)). Scale bars: (a) = 50 μm (a), (b–e), and (a) inset in (a) = 5 μm.