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Differential Effect of Calsequestrin Ablation on Structure and Function of Fast and Slow Skeletal Muscle Fibers

Table 1

Histological examination of adult Soleus fibers: fibers presenting structural damage were absent in WT, rare in CASQ1-null, but quite frequent in dCASQ-null. We classified abnormal fibers in two main classes: (a) fibers presenting large areas loosing cross striation, or unstructured cores, but no contractures (see Figure 4(f)); (b) fibers containing (also) contracture cores (see Figure 4(e), asterisk). (c) About 35% of Soleus fibers from dCASQ-null mice present severe structural alterations.

SoleusAge (months)Total no. of fibers analyzedNo. of fiber with alterations(c) Total % of altered fiber
(a) Unstructured cores(b) Contracture cores


CASQ1-null5181 (6%)6
6.2271 (4%)4

Average: 5%

dCASQ-null4.8257 (28%)5 (20%)48
4.2233 (13%)4 (17%)30
4.8472 (4%)6 (13%)17
4.0324 (13%)9 (28%)41

Average: 34%