Figure 3: Dystrophin expression analysis. Western blot using antidystrophin rod-domain DYS1 antibody. Samples shown are the following: (a) (1) kaleidoscope protein standard; (2) wild-type canine muscle; (3, 6, 9) blank; (4, 5) B144 and B312 from affected male L3M6; (7, 8) B144 and B312 from affected female L3F1; (10, 11) B144 and (12) B312 from affected female L3F2. (b) (1) Biceps femoralis; (2) biceps brachialis; (3) triceps brachialis; (4) quadriceps femoralis; (5) tibialis cranialis; (6) diaphragm; (7) sartorius; (8) gastrocnemius; all from affected male L3M6 at necropsy. (9) GRMD muscle; (10) wild-type canine muscle. Myosin content in the Ponceau S prestained blot was used to assess the amount of loaded proteins.