Figure 7: Comparison of wild-type and mutant virus entry measured by GFP expression. A range of human cancer cell lines were infected with increasing amounts of HVS-GFP-BAC (a), and HVS mORF51 (b). Owl monkey kidney (OMK) cells (permissive to the virus) were also used as a control, representative dot plots of which are shown in (c). 48 h after infection, GFP expression was measured by flow cytometry using a Becton Dickinson FacsCalibur ( ). Mutation of the ORF51 glycoprotein inhibits virus entry in OMK cells and several of the cancer cell lines. However, the HCC-derived cell lines are still able to be efficiently infected, suggesting that the SSTR binding region in the mutated protein facilitates viral attachement in these SSTR-expressing cells.