Figure 5: LacZ and eosin staining 1 month after implantation revealed that numerous LacZ+ myoblasts were able to survive within the implanted muscle graft region ((a) and (c)). Residues of nondegraded scaffold were also visualized within the implanted muscle graft area ((c), arrowheads). LacZ+ myoblasts were seen forming multinucleated myotubes within the implanted area ((a) arrows). Desmin positive myoblasts ((b) arrowheads) were detected within the vicinity of nondegraded portions of the scaffold ((b) arrows). An H&E staining revealed newly formed myofibers within the implantation site (d). Dystrophin-positive myofibers (red, arrowheads) were detected 1 month after implantation (e) as well as CD31-positive cells, ((e) and (f), green).