Figure 5: Analysis of expression of the human FVII by SDS-PAGE and western blotting and detection of purified rFVII by dot blot and western blot. (a) FVII protein band on 12% SDS-PAGE from transfected (Lanes 2, 3) and untransfected I.L.L. as a negative control (Lane 4). (b). expressed FVII protein band in transfected I.L.L. (Lane 2) and negative control untransfected cells (Lane 1), commercially available rFVII as a positive control (Lane 3). (c) Positive control sample rFVIIa (Lane 1), purified rFVII appears as a brown colored spot (Lane 2), purified product of negative control untransfected cells. (d) the purified rFVII from transfected I.L.L (Lane 2, 3) was analyzed by western blot. Two chains of activated form of rFVII with corresponding length are shown; Lane 1, untransfected I.L.L.