Figure 4: Intravesical DMSO treatment reduces bladder histopathology in chronic autoimmune cystitis. URO-OVA/OT-I mice were treated intravesically with PBS (a) or 50% DMSO (c) once weekly for a total of 3 treatments starting at week 10 and sacrificed for analysis 3 days after last treatment. The bladders were collected, prepared for histological cross-sections, and stained with H&E solution. A parallel set of mice treated with PBS (b) or DMSO (d) were further transferred with naive OT-I splenocytes 7 days after last treatment. Mice were sacrificed 3 days after cell transfer and the bladders analyzed by histological H&E staining. The slides are representative of 5 bladders in each group. Magnification: for the left pane and for the right panel.