Table 4: Combined Behavioral Score (CBS), as reported by Gale et al. [96].

General descriptionPoints

Motor score
 0Normal walking0
 1Walks with mild deficit5
 2Hindlimb can support weight15
 3Frequent movement of hindlimb, no weight support25
 4Minor movement in hindlimb, no weight bearing40
 5No movement in hindlimb, no weight bearing45

Toe spread
 0Normal, full, toe spread0
 1Partial spreading of toes2.5
 2No spreading of toes5

 0Normal righting, counter to direction of roll0
 1Weakened attempt to right5
 2Delayed attempt to right10
 3Delayed attempt to right itself15

Extension withdrawal
 1Weak and slow reflex to withdraw hindlimb2.5
 2No withdrawal reflex5

 0Normal placing0
 1Weak attempt to place foot2.5
 2No attempt to place foot5

Inclined plate