Figure 6: Features capturing the level of cell polarity based on the lateral membrane protein integrin 𝛼 3 density. (a) Shows the continuity of the integrin 𝛼 6 along the basal membrane, (b) shows the total integrin 𝛼 3 density that is computed as illustrated in (e) where the total amount of integrin 𝛼 3 within the acinar structure is divided by area of the acinar structure, (c) shows the ratio between the amount of integrin 𝛼 3 colocalized with integrin 𝛼 6 and the total integrin 𝛼 3 expression, and d shows the density of integrin 𝛼 3 in the exterior of the hollow lumen. Error bars correspond to the standard error of the means. Two-sided 𝑡 -tests were performed and cell lines that exhibit statistically significance ( 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 ) are marked with asterisks (*).