Figure 2: : GlcNAc-agarose chromatography of bone marrow fluids from FcnA−/− mice. (a) Western blot of FcnB, MBL-A, MBL-C, and MASP-2/sMAP in the mannose (M) and GlcNAc (G) eluates from GlcNAc-agarose chromatography under reducing conditions. Right panel: 90 kDa, 58 kDa, and 23 kDa bands represent the proenzyme form of MASP-2, the heavy chain of MASP-2, and sMAP, respectively. For each sample, 60 μL equivalent to the original volume of bone marrow tissue was loaded per lane. (b) C4-deposition activity of the GlcNAc eluate on GlcNAc-BSA-coated microplates. Before assessment, the GlcNAc eluate was passed through anti-FcnB Ab-coupled Sepharose 4B (Ab+) or not (Ab−). The activity of a 30 μL sample equivalent to the original bone marrow tissue was determined in quadruplicate (mean ± SD). Inset: western blot of FcnB in the eluates used for C4 deposition.