Figure 2: Torque after LSI. We measured maximum isometric torque ~4 min after the last lengthening contraction in the LSI protocol (D0) and again 3 days later (D3). All control strains lost a similar level of torque. All dysferlin mutant mice except B6.A/J showed a similar reduction in torque immediately after injury; B6.A/J mice showed less susceptibility to initial injury compared to control C57Bl/6J mice as well as other dysferlinopathic strains. DMDmdx mice showed the highest level of torque loss immediately after injury. At D3, all control strains recovered to near baseline torque levels. All dysferlin mutants except A/J recovered to similar levels as their respective control strains. A/J mice and DMDmdx mice showed a significant torque deficit at D3. *Significant difference compared to control strain at same time point. #Significant difference within same strain between D0 and D3. Significant difference compared to same Dysf mutation at same time point. Significant difference compared to A/J at same time point.