Table 2: Proximity of residence to water source types in cases versus controls, evaluated by odds ratio (OR), 95% confidence intervals (CI), and significance ( 𝑃 value).

Water source type*OR95% CI 𝑃 value

Bayou1.15(0.84, 1.56)0.36
Creek1.37(0.93, 2.02)0.09
Ditch0.49(0.13, 1.60)0.19
Gully1.50(0.73, 3.16)0.23
Lake1.50(0.73, 3.16)0.23
Stream0.55(0.27, 1.08)0.06
Creek and gully1.45(1.02, 2.07)0.03
Stream and river0.50(0.25, 0.95)0.02

*As defined by the United States Geological Survey.