Figure 2: Effect of BM-MSCs on vascular remodeling after balloon angioplasty. Vascular tissues were stained with hematoxylin-eosin for morphometric analysis. (a) Ruptured internal elastic lamina was present at the site of lesion, whereas splitting of the intima was replaced with significant neointimal formation after balloon angioplasty. (b) Histomorphometric parameters including LA, IELA, EELA, remodeling index, neointimal area, and percentage of stenosis indicated vascular negative remodeling. The scale bar indicated 500 μm (top row, 40x) and 100 μm (bottom row, 400x), respectively. The data were expressed as means ± SEM. 𝑛 = 8 per group. * 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 versus control, # 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 versus injury group.