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Effect of αB-Crystallin on Protein Aggregation in Drosophila

Figure 1

Scanning electron micrographs of adult compound eyes. (a, b) gmr-gal4; +; +. (d, e) gmr-gal4; uas-αB-crystallin-HA; +. (c, f) Immunostaining of the eye imaginal discs with anti-HA antibody. The eye disc from gmr-gal4;+; + flies (c) and gmr-gal4; uas-αB-crystallin-HA; + flies (f). The insets indicate Nomarski images. (g) The anti-HA antibody specifically recognized αB-crystallin-HA in the Western Blot of the eye imaginal discs of gmr-gal4; uas-αB-crystallin-HA; + flies.