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Effect of αB-Crystallin on Protein Aggregation in Drosophila

Figure 4

Suppression of compound eye degeneration by coexpression of αB-crystallin in the α-synuclein-expressing flies. Light microscope images of the adult compound eyes. (a, b) Transgenic flies coexpressing α-synuclein and αB-crystallin (gmr-gal4/+; uas-αB-crystallin-HA/+; uas-α-synuclein/+). (c, d) Transgenic flies coexpressing α-synuclein and control LacZ protein (gmr-gal4/+; uas-LacZ/+; uas-α-synuclein/+). (e, f) Control flies (gmr-gal4/+; +; +). (g, h) Transgenic flies expressing α-synuclein (gmr-gal4/+; uas-α-synuclein/+; +). (a, c, e, g ) Magnification x 200. (b, d, f, h) Magnification x 700.