Table 2: Additives to UW solution to protect liver against ischemia/reperfusion. Nitric oxide, NO; platelet-activating factor, PAF; sinusoidal endothelial cells, SEC.

Additives to UW solution
Liver transplantation
DrugSpecieIschemic timeEffect

Ruthenium red (mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter inhibitor)Rat24 h Mitocondrial dysfunction
OP-4183 (PGI2 analogue)Rat24 h Oxidative stress
SAM (ATP precursor)Rat24 h Oxidative stress
Trifluoperazine (calmodulin inhibitor)Dog24 h Microcirculatory dysturbances
Sodium nitroprusside (NO donor)Rat24, 48 h Microcirculatory dysturbances
E5880 (PAF antagonist)Pig8 h Microcirculatory dysturbances
FR167653 (p38 inhibitor)Rat30 h Microcirculatory dysturbances
EGF, IGF-1, NGF-αPig18 h↑ ATP
LY294002 (PI3K inhibitor)Rat3, 7, 9, 24 h Apoptosis
IDN-1965 (caspase inhibitors)Rat24, 30 h Apoptosis
8br-cAMP and 8br-cGMP (nucleotide analogs)Rat24 h NFα and neutrophil accumulation,
GSNO (NO donor)Rat48 h SEC damage
Pifithrin-alpha (p53 inhibitor)Rat24, 48 h Apoptosis
OP-4183 (PGI2 analogue)Rat24 h Oxidative stress
Tauroursodeoxy-cholateRat2 h Endoplasmic reticulum stress