Table 3: Gene therapy to protect liver againts ischemia/reperfusion. Heme oxygenase-1, HO-1; interleukin-13, IL-13; small interference RNA, siRNA; superoxide dismutase, SOD; tumour necrosis factor TNF.

Gene therapy
Liver transplantation and warm hepatic ischemia
DrugSpecieExperimental modelIschemic timeEffect

Bag-1 (adenoviral transfer)RatLiver transplantation24 h TNFα, neutrophil infiltration, microcirculatory disturbances
Bcl-2 gene (adenoviral transfer)RatLiver transplantation16 h Apoptosis
Cu/Zn-SOD gene (adenoviral transfer)RatLiver transplantation24 h Oxidative stress
HO-1 gene (adenoviral transfer)RatLiver transplantation4 h Macrophage infiltration, apoptosis
IL-13 (adenoviral transfer)RatLiver transplantation24 h Proinflammatory cytokines, liver neutrophil recruitment
Adiponectin (siRNA)RatWarm ischemia1 h Oxidative stress
ASMase (siRNA)MiceWarm ischemia + hepatectomy90 min Ceramide, apoptosis
Caspase 3 (siRNA)MiceWarm ischemia90 min Apoptosis
Caspase 8 (siRNA)MiceWarm ischemia90 min Apoptosis
SOD gene (adenoviral transfer)RatWarm ischemia1 h Oxidative stress
IL-13 (adenoviral transfer)RatWarm ischemia30 min Proinflammatory cytokine, neutrophil recruitment