Figure 2: Ryanodine receptor alpha (RyRα) and beta (RyRβ) protein expression in homogenates of whole labyrinth (L), semicircular canal ampulla (A), semicircular canal arm (C), cardiac muscle (H), brain (B), and skeletal muscle (M). Lanes were loaded with 50 μg of proteins, probed with a non-isoform-specific mouse monoclonal anti-ryanodine antibody (34C) diluted 1 : 800 and processed as described in Materials and Methods. Blots were acquired with the Image Master VDS (Amersham Biosciences Europe, Italy). All tissues (except for C) displayed two major bands corresponding to the alpha and beta isoforms, respectively. No bands were detected when anti-ryanodine antibody was omitted or substituted by nonimmune serum (not shown). Blots representative of four were shown.