Figure 5: Intracellular A2 redistributes to lysosomal and late endosomal membranes in dendritic cells upon endocytosis of wear debris particles (WDP). (a) Western blot analysis of A2 and p11 localization in late endosomes (LE) and lysosomes (LYS) isolated from WDP-treated dendritic cells. (b) Confocal analysis of untreated and 12 h WDP-treated dendritic cells stained with anti-LAMP1 (green) and anti-A2 (red) revealed well-delineated LAMP+ endosomal compartments with cytosolic distribution of A2 in control cells. Cells cultured with WDP for 12 h (b) demonstrated an extensive increase in the number and size of the endosomal compartments with the subsequent loss of the cytosolic distribution of A2. Bar corresponds to 10 mm. Reproduced with permission [65].