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Metabolomics Analysis of Cistus monspeliensis Leaf Extract on Energy Metabolism Activation in Human Intestinal Cells

Table 1

Effect of antioxidant of 23 plants extracts. The radical 2,2-diphenyl-1-picryhydrazyl (DPPH) was used for measuring the antioxidants. The hot water extract and the ethanol extract were diluted to 10 or 100 times by each solution. The values of antioxidant were calculated by the following formula: antioxidant (%) = {1−(Absorbance520 (Sample)/Absorbance520 (Control))} × 100.

Name of plantsEtOH extract
0.1% (w/v)1% (w/v)

Ajuga iva1485
Artemisia campestris3891
Artemisia herba-alba217
Cistus monspeliensis2493
Cyperus longus 1050
Daphne gnidium537
Erica multiflora2492
Globularia alypum1891
Laurus nobilis1054
Lavandula angustifolia1384
Lavandula officinalis210
Lavandula stoechas317
Marrubium vulgare850
Mentha rotundifolia843
Mentha viridis1271
Origanum majorana1385
Phillaria angustifolia1582
Pinus halepensis1153
Rhamnus lycioides1054
Teucrium polium1072
Thymus capitatus1387
Vitex agnus1378
Ziziphus lotus1576