Table 1: Overview of published BAC systems for species of the order Herpesvirales. Common species names, corresponding acronyms, taxon names, genome sizes, and references for the first BAC construct of every species are given. *Common names and acronyms are as they were used in the listed reference.

VirusAcronym*Taxon nameGenome sizeReference
 Common name*

 Bovine herpesvirus 1BoHV-1Bovine herpesvirus 1135 kbp[15]
 Canine herpesvirusCHVCanid herpesvirus 1160 kbp[16]
 Equine herpesvirus 1EHV-1Equid herpesvirus 1150 kbp[17]
 Equine herpesvirus 4EHV-4Equid herpesvirus 4146 kbp[18]
 Felid herpesvirus 1FeHV-1Felid herpesvirus 1136 kbp[19]
 Herpes simplex virus 1HSV-1Human herpesvirus 1152 kbp[20]
 Herpes simplex virus 2HSV-2Human herpesvirus 2155 kbp[21]
 Herpesvirus of turkeyHVTMeleagrid herpesvirus 1160 kbp[22]
 Marek’s disease virusMDVGallid herpesvirus 2178 kbp[23]
 Pseudorabies virusPRVSuid herpesvirus 1142 kbp[24]
 Simian varicella virusSVVCercopithecine herpesvirus 9125 kbp[25]
 Varicella-zoster virusVZVHuman herpesvirus 3125 kbp[26]
 Guinea pig cytomegalovirusGPCMVCaviid herpesvirus 2220 kbp[27]
 Human cytomegalovirusHCMVHuman herpesvirus 5229 kbp[28]
 Human herpes virus 6AHHV-6AHuman herpesvirus 6159 kbp[29]
 Mouse cytomegalovirusMCMVMurid herpesvirus 1230 kbp[14]
 Rhesus cytomegalovirusRhCMVMacacine herpesvirus 3221 kbp[30]
 Bovine herpesvirus 4BoHV-4Bovine herpesvirus 4171 kbp[31]
 Epstein-Barr virusEBVHuman herpesvirus 4172 kbp[32]
 Herpesvirus saimiriHVSSaimiriine herpesvirus 2113 kbp[33]
 Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirusKSHVHuman herpesvirus 8137 kbp[34]
 Murine gammaherpesvirus 68MHV-68Murid herpesvirus 4119 kbp[8]
 Rhesus lymphocryptovirusrhLCVMacacine herpesvirus 4171 kbp[35]
 Rhesus rhadinovirusRRVMacacine herpesvirus 5133 kbp[36]
 Duck enteritis virusDEVAnatid herpesvirus 1158 kbp[37]
 Channel catfish herpesvirusCCVIctalurid herpesvirus 1134 kbp[38]
 Koi HerpesvirusKHVCyprinid herpesvirus 3295 kbp[39]