Table 2: Overview of published BAC systems for members of the Poxviridae, Flaviviridae, and Coronaviridae family. Common species names, corresponding acronyms, taxon names, genome sizes, and references for the first BAC construct of every species are given.

VirusAcronym*Taxon nameGenome sizeReference
 Common name*

 Cowpox virusCPXVCowpox virus224 kbp[43]
 Modified vaccinia virus AnkaraMVAVaccinia virus178 kbp[40]
 Vaccinia virusVACVaccinia virus195 kbp[41]
 Japanese encephalitis virusJEVJapanese encephalitis virus11 kbp[50]
 Bovine viral diarrhea virusBVDVBovine viral diarrhea virus 112 kbp[47]
 Classical swine fever virusCSFVClassical swine fever virus12 kbp[48]
 Human coronavirus (OC43)HCoVBetacoronavirus 131 kbp[49]
 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusSARS-CoVSevere acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus30 kbp[46]
 Transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirusTGEVAlphacoronavirus 129 kbp[45]

*Common names and acronyms are as they were used in the listed reference.