Research Article

Flagellar Motility of Trypanosoma cruzi Epimastigotes

Figure 1

Trypanosoma cruzi motility analysis by time-lapse microscopy. (a) Direct observation of CFSE green fluorescent-labeled free-swimming epimastigotes analyzed by confocal microscopy. (b) Motility traces of epimastigotes. The positions of each individual cell are plotted at 10 frames/sec and recorded for 10 sec/sample. The starting position of each epimastigote is in red. The video clips used to generate these motility traces are available as supplementary material available at doi: 10.1155/2012/520380 (Video 1). The arrow indicates the parasite trajectory analyzed in panels (c, d, and e). The graphics represent the distance (c), angles (d), and speed (e) through consecutive frames of the selected parasite (arrow) of panel b. The color bars indicate the average value of each segment analyzed using the same color scale as the motility traces.