Figure 7: Activation of recombinant protein-PLG to enzymatically active plasmin. Cleavage of specific plasmin substrate by PLG bound to recombinant proteins was assayed by modified ELISA as immobilized proteins received the following treatment: PLG + uPA + specific plasmin substrate (PLG + uPA + S) or controls lacking one of the three components (PLG + uPA; PLG + S; uPA + S). BSA was employed as a negative control. Bars represent the mean absorbance values at 405 nm, as a measure of relative substrate cleavage, ± the standard deviation of four replicates for each experimental group and are representative of two independent experiments. Statistically significant differences are shown by *(P < 0.00001), **(P < 0.005), ***(P < 0.05), $(P < 0.001), $$(P < 0.02), and $$$(P < 0.003).