Table 1: Marker regions determined to be significantly amplified across components for the data of Navin et al. [14]. The table provides, for each marker region, a unique identifier, cytogenetic coordinates, probe positions along the genomic axis, and gene IDs for genes identified as having some known association with cancers.

Marker ID Cytogenetic coordinates Chromosome positions Annotated cancer-related genes

11q32.1-1q32.2196117366-206330147 CD55, MDM4, NR5A2,PTPN7, IL10, CNTN2,CD34
21q44 242649493-245131380 SMYD3
32p12 76777788-78642108 None
43q25.1-3q25.2151037467-154216571 None
55p15.33-5p14.2 3485419-24119655 PAPD7, TAG, CDH18
65q21.1-5q21.3100224934-106834646 None
75q22.3-5q23.1115172420-118711133 TNFAIP8, ATG12, SEMA6A
87q31.2-7q31.31116016939-120372452 ING3,ASZ1, WNT2, ST7
98q12.1 55969808-58018737 None
108q12.3-8q13.263931435-69387571 MYBL1
118q13.2-8q13.369634776-74092165 TRPA1
128q21.11-8q24.3 77351432-143296089 MYC
1311q13.2-11q13.4 67830873 -70354248 CCND1, CTTN, FGF4, FGF3
1411q14.1-11q13.474383378-82935709 None
1511q23.3 115171785-116542726 None
1612p11.22-12p11.21 28901065-33207415 ERGIC2
1715q25.2-15q25.3 82525637-85513682 None
1815q26.3 96434691-99661839 None
1917q11.2 23392447-25127504 RAB34, NEK8, TRAF4, FOXN1
2017q12-17q21.2 32705491-37628927 STAT5, ERBB2, GRB7
2117q21.3345403785-47282174 SPAG9, UTP18, CA10, ANKRD40, CACNA1G, PPP1R9B
2218q21.32-18q22.256806538-66527883 TNFRSF11A, BCL2, SERPINB5, SERPINB13, SERPINB4, SERPINB3, CDH19
2318q22.2-18q22.3 66607283-71314138 None
2419q12 34017456-36812510 CCNE1
2520q13.1244249187-45563781 None
2620q13.2-20q13.3250440150-57022263 ZNF217, CYP24A1, BCAS1, AURKA, CTCFL, ZBP1, RAB22A, GNAS, SDX16
2720q13.3357624055-58571221 None